Wavrc use cases

our solutions for custom radio-controlled plane

Use Cases

WavRC is made for everyone that might want to fly their own plane. Whether you’re a flight enthusiast that wants to fly in a specific way, an instructor that wants to engage your students by flying a specific flight pattern, or a professional that needs to fly through a specific environment to accomplish a specific task, WavRC is the platform to choose.


Can’t find a plane that combines your favorite jet’s speed and your favorite aerobatic plane’s maneuverability? Design your own on our 3D builder, starting from scratch or by combining and changing aspects of several pre-built models. Our platform provides an enhanced building and flying experience, no matter your previous exposure to aeromodelling.


Want to get your students involved in learning the physics of flight and aerodynamics? Let them explore our flight prediction analysis feature and take a look through our online tutorials and video explanations. The possibilities for hands-on and iterative STEM education are limitless.


Trying to execute a search-and-rescue or similarly special-use mission? Test a model on various simulated weather conditions and terrains for maximum cost and time efficiency before ordering, and accomplish any number of specialized tasks. Reuse and share successful models with members of your office and collaborators.