WavRC is an all-in-one design and manufacturing platform that lets anyone, from the amateur to the expert, design and fly their own unique RC plane. Use our drag-and-drop 3D builder, materials selection panel, and flight prediction analysis to create a design, and let us do the rest–we’ll manufacture your plane and ship it directly to you.

Mission & Vision

WavRC is dedicated to customizing and centralizing the entire RC plane experience. From plane design to materials to assembly options, choose the plane that you’ll fly, how it’ll fly, and how you’ll be a part of assembling it to fly. Share your design tips and flying recommendations on our forums, and help us to help everyone fly their own design!



  • Completed Hardware Build
  • Ilerating/Testing Product design


  • Funding raised
  • Prototype built
  • Domain Registered
  • Development started for interactive design Tool